by Pradeep - 2020-09-19 05:50:07 4 Comments

Everyone says maruti tin ka dabba but everyone purchase maruti,,,why ? R all indians foolish or who says they r foolish? 


2020-09-26 19:19:28

I think aap sabhi thik kah rhe hain, people just looks fuel economy and maximum people buying,even in maruti some good products are also not sold because people donot buy,,,as Ignis,s cross. Login to reply

Sahil Raj
2020-09-22 13:01:07

Mileage machine dhund rhe hai sab, that's why Login to reply

2020-09-21 17:40:08

The correct answer is Indians are fool fool enough. People buy diesel cars even if their usage is 4000-5000 kms per year. Till last year They will always buy the top model just to show off even if they don't have enough sources for the base model itself. They don't prefer the driving dynamics or Safety. They only know fuel economy and light steering. Login to reply

Ashmit Jaiswal
2020-09-19 11:17:37

Actually Maruti is tin ka dabba only and about the point of foolishness I would not conclude anything but would like to say that yes type off... We are the type of people who thinks that yes shama ji ke pas hai maruti, padosiyo ke pas hai maruti, rishtedaro ke pas hai maruti to yahi bhagwan hai. Unfortunately this is the situation that's why some awesome products also fail in india Login to reply

Abhishek Sharma
2020-09-20 06:00:37

Heard immunity ????. People need to wake up and see what others are offering and experience the good products. It’s just the fuel economy and that’s it. Service is not cheap and fuel economy is also 2-5 kmpl in city/highway extra than the competition. People are being fooled by sales guys and then they regret after experiencing the reality post purchase. Maruti will not improve their product lineup till the time their sales figures drop significantly.

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