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Insurance renewal for second hand vehicle

by SELVAGANAPATHY - 2020-10-14 18:00:04 0 Comments

Hello, I'm selva from Bangalore. I have a grand i10 which i got in 2nd hand. K habe transferred the car to my name in mar 2020. My car Insurance is expiring this month 22nd. My current insurance is with United India insurance for IDV OF 2.3lakhs. no claims made and insurance is in first owner name.

Now if i have to renew the same they say 6.1k for comprehensive insurance and 1.9k for name transfer. but is this necessary?

when i enquired with different insurance agent he says i won't get Non claim bonus and says around 6.5k for insurance. 

In coverfox website i see that for same car it costs just 5.1k for comprehensive insurance with zero dep in United insurance. what should I do

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