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Need safe n value for money car

Good suv between Ford Ecosport n Kia Sonet, petrol, less daily run, safety n fun to drive ,

Anuj pratap singh
2020-10-19 09:37:42

u should go for kia sonet bocz its came with refreshing looks and ecosport is now looking quite outdated . Both car have safe and fun to drive Login to reply

Bhargav kulkarni
2020-10-16 00:29:35

I think ecosport is fun to drive..sonet 1.0L petrol is fun to drive but it does not come in manual.. Both are safe cars Login to reply

Nirbhay Dwivedi
2020-10-15 22:41:20

I m highly confused between Ecosport n Sonet , Login to reply

2020-10-19 11:01:34

Eco sport abhi mt hi lena..jan ya feb main new facelift launch horra hai ecosport ka ...wait kar lo..lekin tab tak cars thodi costly honi waali hai

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