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New Honda amaze CVT mileage problem

by Rahul Sinha - 2020-10-23 12:14:53 0 Comments

I have bought honda amaze petrol CVT in 2018. I stay in bangalore and there is heavy traffic here. When I bought the car it gave me mileage of 7.5 kmpl. I thought after first servicing mileage will increase. It has been 2.5 years, mileage has increased to 8.5kmpl. Is it normal? On highway it gives 14kmpl. But I  bangalore traffic it gives maximum  of 8.5kmpl. Have checked with full talk method. Service center people just clean air filter and give the car. But mileage does not increase. CVT does not give punchy performance and now it is not giving mileage also. So I am not getting either performance or mileage. What should i do?

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