Budget car

by Arpit bajaj - 2020-10-25 04:24:20 0 Comments

Hello there,

I live in delhi and actually don't know how to drive but will learn soon as i wish to drive and my favourite car is like polo , chevrolet cruise. Mothly income around 30. I have seen alot videos of second hand cars in which they provide cruise near 2.5 lakh. I am open to all suggestions. If anyone who can relate my situation kindly suggest . Iam open to any car but budget is 2.5 jayada purani na ho car. Anyone can suggest? Open to all reviews and suggestions. Ravi bhai if you are reading this pls let me know the best to best thing i should go for and kaha se achi mil paegi bcz you can't trust dealers specifically delhi k. I mean any way any suggestions please tell.

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