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Hassle free, reliable long term petrol sub 4 meter suv

by Souvik K - 2020-10-25 17:56:57 2 Comments

My requirement is a hassle free, long term reliability and fun to drive sub 4 meter petrol SUV.  I prefer petrol vehicle only.. And have shortlisted venue and urban cruiser. I have the below queries 

1.Is venue turbo good for long term maintenance perspective  as turbo petrol engine is  more prone to wear and tear then the naturally aspirated petrol of Urban cruiser. Please advice as the venue 1.2 is underpowered which I want to avoid. 

2.Is urban cruiser as well built as venue in terms of handling, power, driving dynamics and comfort?


Vijay Gautam
2020-11-07 15:32:44

Ek baar ford ecosport ko v dekho Login to reply

2020-10-27 14:45:22

These both cars are good but u should prefer one more car that is ford ecosport. Urban cruiser build quality, seating comfort is same as vitara brezza and for venue if u get it regular serviced it will not give u any problem Login to reply

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