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Seconbd hand car that was used as TAXI

by Adarsh Nayak - 2020-11-06 12:24:56 1 Comments

So i found this fiat punto(2016) which ran  about 120,000 and the owner asking me 130,000 rupees  please note it also has been used as a taxi


Nishant Yadav
2020-11-08 23:20:23

Hey happy to hear that you are opting for a second hand car but if you are buying it for personal use please try to avoid taxi cars as the u hav to get it registered again and get a new number of it is a taxi number and also taxi cars are used soniar to its fullest but still be cautious at such time i have also faced the same situation once and came to know the engine of that care baad back compressed . So be very cautious with second hand card and especially taxi cars. Login to reply

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