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old i10 2013 asta 30000km run mumbai

by KAPIL - 2020-11-06 15:36:08 1 Comments

can buy in 2.7LAKH in mumbai

or go for new car 

tata tiago, santro



Nishant Yadav
2020-11-08 23:16:54

Fo for new tata tiago it will make you feel better amd also a new car is anew car . And even if u still want to go for the old i 10 make sure that the meter is not tempered as for a 2013 model only 30000 doesn't make sense but still if the owner is known to u or in your relatives then surley go for it still 2.7 lakhs for i10 is still on the expensive side Login to reply

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