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Tata Nexon Ev over heat and stop moving in 20days

I have purchased new Tata nexon EV 20 days back and it suddenly overheated and stop moving company and showroom both don't have any knowledge why this happened I think Tata again made a bad car please contact me at 99 7051 5199 to discuss I want you Ravi sir to make video and help me I want to spread this message to everyone and want to get attention of Tata management and help me out with my problem otherwise I have lost a 3 lakh rupees of my new car

Saurabh Upadhyay
2020-12-20 18:37:01

Contact higher authorities in Jamshedpur, tweet to them via twitter, raise your concern to all the head authorities and lodge a complain in local consumer forum if required. Make them pay for delivering a bad product, otherwise Tata is very notorious for being unresponsive towards their customers. Login to reply

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