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Ford aspire diesel sale karu ya nahi

by ASHISH SOOD - 2020-09-19 18:49:28 1 Comments

Main Ford aspire titanium diesel 2017 model use kar raha hu abhi tak 55000 chala chuka hu, car main koi dikkat nahi hai but mujhe xuv300 w8 variant in diesel pasand aa raha hai,,,,,,,, kya aspire ko sell karke xuv300 lena decision sahi hoga,,,,,, aspire ki kitni value mil jayegi,,,,,xuv300 diesel ya sonet diesel main better and value for money car kaunsi hai

Uneeb Ahmad
2020-09-19 20:27:05

Car ki value toh nhi bata sakta lekin, xuv300 vs sonet: Sonet ka engine ham hyundai mein toh dekh chuke hain. Lekin needless to say, xuv300 is more fun to drive. Sonet will give more mileage, more boot space a little less space for rear seat passengers. Mahindra service network is better than kia, we don't know about sonet but xuv300 is a safe car, nice build quality, reliable (sonet should also be reliable), and there are some things about the sonet we don't know yet. But you should have a test drive of both the cars, preferably on the same day so you can judge better about ride quality and handling. I haven't driven the sonet, but for xuv300 I say that car is a beast. Login to reply

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