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safe n value for money car in XUV 300, ford ecosport,

Safe n value for money Vehicle in xuv 300 n ford ecosport

Dheeraj Pareek
2020-09-20 17:22:21

You will get a better Safety & value for money if you get a XUV 300 in your hands as its more muscular although looks are subjective but if you want a car which has more space for the passengers in terms of leg space then XUV 300 outshines over Ford Ecosport. Both car performance is very good but the XUV 300 has somehow better dynamics then Ford Ecosport and XUV 300 will feel more premium in the interiors then Ford Ecosport by any means Ford Ecosport is not sluggish but i still feel that Ford needs to update there cars like "Asphire" "Ecosport" "Freestyle" "Figo". there are no major updates in them i feel disappointed though but lets see in the future. For Now XUV 300 is much better option the W6 & W8 both are top selling variants you can go according to your needs. Login to reply

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