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Confused between seltos and creta

Which top model is best? Seltos or Creta?

Dheeraj Pareek
2020-09-20 17:17:12

Debasish, on paper Creta & Seltos are Mechanically the same they share the same terrain engine options, but if you go in depth then i would say Kia Seltos has better looks which are subjective but it has even better dynamics then Creta in some terms. The only problem with Kia Seltos right now is the Parts & Service Cost its on higher side, recently i saw some videos where the Air Filter of Air Purifier of Creta costed like 400-600rs but the Kia Seltos was like 1400-1600rs i don't see any difference between them so that's why i won't say that you shouldn't buy Kia Seltos but bare in your mind if you are fine with the expenses which Kia Seltos will bring into your life then you should choose Kia Seltos Otherwise Creta Has Panaromic Sunroof which is a "Feel Good Feature". Hyundai Owns KIA so its like a parent company of Kia although Kia will be expensive then Hyundai due to the Premium product they have launched. I would recommend you to take test drive of both car as you will feel the difference and you can make a better decision. Login to reply

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