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PUC pollution under control

when i went to renew or check pollution of my car, service guy asked me if i want to have it for  3 months or 6 months
when i asked the difference he said 6 months PUC is not valid in delhi,chandigarh etc. 3 months is .?

want to know is it really so ?

Dheeraj Pareek
2020-09-20 17:30:44

here is the thing PUC of BS4 is for 1 Year Either it is 2 Wheeler or 4 Wheeler But BSIII is available for only 6 Months PUC. as for Delhi New Vehicles: PUC validity for new vehicles is 1-year after which you need to renew the PUCC as per the stipulated time frames. Old Vehicles: The PUC Certificate validity for old vehicles is 6-months and should be renewed every six months. i saw this and with the act of 1988 it is given there so i don't think so that 6 Months PUC is not valid in Delhi, Chandigarh once again what kind of Vehicle you have might affect it, as you said its a car so if its BSIII then 6 Months PUC otherwise BS4 & BS6 gets direct 1 Year PUC. Login to reply

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