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Regarding sugesstion for i20

Respected sir 
I want to buy sonet 1.2 litre but after watching your videos of venue1.2 you don't recommend such engine in compact SUV. SONET diesel is out of budget.  Now i am planning to buy i20 sports plus which is available on road 7.60 lac. Is it right decision to buy present model or wait for new generation. Which one is more value for money. 

Dheeraj Pareek
2020-09-20 17:09:35

Sukhwinder Singh bro i own a Hyundai Elite I20 Asta (O) 2018 Petrol , although i am not a diesel user but i feel you should wait there is 1 reason for it first of all even if you buy the Sports Plus variant now its value gonna degrade due to the facelift so better wait for the next generation and if you feel the next generation is more expensive then you can go for the second hand Elite i20 you will be saving more money and as the new generation will be available then you can even bargain more too. This option will be more value to money. Login to reply

Sukhwinder Singh
2020-09-21 04:06:26

Thank bro. Can i choose brezza lxi. Touchscreen and audio control etc from market.

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