Altroz vs Tigor vs ???

by Prateek - 2020-09-20 19:53:49 1 Comments

Should I go with Altroz XE rythm and upgrade tyre size etc or should i go for tigor. I am getting 7.5 lacs on road tigor top variant. Else, go for top model Altroz? If required i can stretch my budget to 8.5 lacs. Or should i go for any other car? I want a good car for myself and family. Safety is top priority for me. Fancy features dont attract me. I drice very peacefully. I am satisfied with basic features. i am looking for hatchback and sedan only.

Zain Quadri
2020-11-11 01:09:05

I will suggest buy Tigor as you will get extra features (considering you're buying top model) but if you want the sportiness looking car go for altroz as it looks aggressive. You can also consider vw polo. Login to reply

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