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Opinion regarding without power steering cars

by Dr Debomita Chakraborty - 2020-09-26 10:52:00

Hello sir greetings from West Bengal.I have learned a lot from your videos.I am a new driver looking for a new car under the strict budget of on road 4lacs in West Bengal. I am getting alto vxi /kwid std and redi go D and A under this budget. My daily running would be around 25kms/day.weekly once 200 kms. Please suggest me the best car under this budget. Not very keen to go for second hand cars spending my hard earned money of min 2lacd.How about the without power steering option of redi go?How hard to drive it would be a without power steering car for a new driver ?It's coming under 3.2lacs.looks wise redi go is the best. But please opine about the datsun company. How safe It would be going with the datsun company. Here in kolkata they have one service center and one dealer. Thanks in advance

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