Dr Prashant

by Prashant - 2020-09-19 05:31:10

Hello, I live in district place at Yavatmal Maharashtra, I am confused between petrol base models of altroz (offering by dealer 6.48) and Freestyle (7L). It will be my first car and I am a new driver. In addition, I am getting one freestyle diesel titanium (2018 model registered in 2019) from Mumbai after negotiation he is offering me a 6.5 L deal is it worth it? or should I go for the new one? that is altroz or freestyle, please suggest. I will be driving it within ruler areas 25%, 25% city and 50% highways.

2 Answers

Divyendra Tripathi
2020-09-19 05:37:03

Waise to achhi deal hai par aap thodi negotiation aur kar sakte haib

2020-09-19 05:39:14

Go for free style. Negotiate at least for 50 thousand more as it's a bs4 model. Dragon series desiel engines of ford are awesome .

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