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Buying 2nd hand car

by Nilutpal ray - 2020-09-27 13:36:00

I want to buy a 2nd hand car, i have two options 1. 2018 tata zest xm(1.2 revotron), from owner, in very good condition, 30000 km driven, asking price Rs. 350000 2. 2014 polo highline 1.5 tdi, from Honda dealer (used car), 66000 km driven, asking price Rs. 370000 My requirements - daily commuting 20 kms mostly on bad roads and highway, fun to drive, good ride quality, mileage should be 17 18 km/l minimum . I want to keep it for 5 years at least. Any suggestions from your side is welcomed ( should i look for other cars?)

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