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8L budget. Altroz XT or Brezza LXI

by Paras Vashishtha - 2020-09-27 18:50:02

Hello bhaiya, Lots of love and respect! I have to gift a car to my sister in her married (on 6th December 2020). My budget is 8L and I just want to know what will be a smart decision? Altroz XT or Brezza Lxi (both in petrol). I don’t have any special requirements, all I want is to buy a good car and that should be a smart decision. And is Brezza too weak in comparison with Altroz? Please answer! Thanks a lot

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Piyush Kumar Upadhaya
2020-09-28 06:01:29

It is really hard to compare both cars. In breeza u will get a good performance of engine (1.5ltr), extra height, width. But additional height increases the body roll. In altroz u will get a feature loaded car with a good stability and 5 star ratings. I will prefer Altroz but u should go with the opinion of ur Sister and Brother in Law.

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