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Nano long drive reliability??

by Nitin salaria - 2020-09-27 20:50:13

Hi sir.. Sir i really like compactness of nano and look of nano genx , and nano is also pocket friendly 1 Sir i am planning to buy a nano twist genx xt varient..2016,32000 kms 90k to 100 it a justified deal??? 2 Sir is Nano reliable for long drives??

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Piyush Kumar Upadhaya
2020-09-28 05:16:34

Definitely Nano is reliable for long drive specially in hilly areas cz engine is on back side but do you really think is it good to buy a nano u can easily get another car in almost same price range (+25000) and u will get a good resale value of another brand. Or you should negotiate the price of nano (approx 80k ) cz RTO will also charge a good amount at the time of RC TRANSFER.

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