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Want to purchase 1st car of my life

by Aryan - 2020-09-28 03:41:32

Dear sir, i want to purchase first car of my life only for family, friends purpose, my first priority is milage and second i want fully feature loaded car, also want sunroof but my budget is 6 to 7 lack and and if there is no car in this segment with fully feature loaded and best in milage i also escape it, i never purchase any car, i don't have any knowledge, please suggest me a best looking, features loaded and best in milage family purpose impressive car. Thank-you

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Piyush Kumar Upadhaya
2020-09-28 04:33:44

Hello Mr. Aryan, Your expectations are high and your budget is little low. So it's not possible to get all thing under 1 roof. In this price segment you can easily buy a feature loaded hatchback. I will suggest you Tata Tiago XZ 4 Star Rated in NCAP Hermon Touch Infotainment System(Best in this segment) Stearing Mounted Control Height Adjustable Seat Tilt adjustable nd flat bottom steering and many more things. I am not suggesting you Maruti cz of poor build quality and Ford cz of low Mileage. You can search TIAGO BY DDS for all pros nd cons. I am not able to provide link cz there is no paste option. I hope i was able to help you.

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