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Now or later and what to buy

by Dr. Ashish Lashkari - 2020-09-19 05:36:12

Hello Sir. This is the second time I am asking the question as I was very satisfied with your previous answer. My today's question is a bit long. I have 2013 November i20 magna petrol and is primarily driven by my wife which has clocked 51500 km city only. My son is learning driving on it. We are planning to change but my next vehicle will be automatic and I want my son to learn manual. My other vehicle is also jeep compass petrol auto so the only choice for my son's driving lesson is i20. Now shall I wait for sometime for him to learn manual or buy new automatic as in future manual cars will be less than automatics and there is no need for him to learn manual? Other thing is under 11 lakh which will be good automatic vehicle no matter sedan, hatchback or sub four meter SUV? I don't want AMT or iMT. Priority is fuel efficiency and safety.

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Divyendra Tripathi
2020-09-19 05:42:50

Go for honda amaze

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