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Urgent Buying Second hand Car please guide.

by Subhransu Panda - 2020-09-28 10:26:55

Dear Rabi Bhai I am from Odisha and I am a big fan of yours . Actually I want to buy a car now my friend suggest me a second hand Celerio ZXI of 2016 running of 56000 km Only in 1.5 lakh Should I consider it or go for new other vehicle. Please suggest this is going to be my first car . My friend work in the Hyundai Show room he found the Celerio from a person who is purchasing new car and selling his car to show room. My need of car is for personal use not more running Aproxx 10 km per day. Once in 3 or 4 month a trip to my home town which is 150 km. please guide me as soon as possible because if it late may some one else get that car..

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Akshay Thakare
2020-09-28 14:51:09

The celerio deal looks good, but the condition of car matters more. If the car is in good shape, then go for it. As your travelling is less, investing more money does no make sense

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