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Buying a new car from used car dealer

by Vishwesh - 2020-09-28 11:58:42

Ravi ji I am from Delhi. A dealer of used car is offering a new Hyundai Nio Asta variant at 7.40 lacs. I have inspected the car. As per odo, the car has run 40 kms. The car is in showroom condition, except the three minor scratches at bumper. As per the dealer the i would become the first owner of the car and ot will be registered in my name. The insurance will also be issued in my name. The on road price of the same model in showroom is 8.19 lacs. Now the point of problem, how the used car dealer is selling a new car ? The dealer told me that he purchased 10 such cars of various variants on discount from the Hyundai dealer and thus he is passing the discount. I am not convinced with what dealer has stated. What do you think about this transaction? Do used car dealers buy cars in bulk from original car dealer and sell it to customers?

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Akshay Thakare
2020-09-28 14:45:56

50-60k ka mat socho.. agar leni hi hai to new car hi uthalo

Syed Yaseen
2020-09-28 22:47:04

Don't give more than 7.2

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