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Confusion of new driver

by Hanok peter Tommandru - 2020-09-28 19:50:16

lo Bhai I'm from Chennai and my parents live in a village in Andhra Pradesh. I've recently started learning car driving mostly because public transport isn't an option because of corona. Now I'm thinking of buying a car. Lot of people told me it's better to buy a second hand car until I get confidence. But my parents want me to buy a new car. What should I do? Further, my budget is around 6-6.5 lakh (ex showroom) if I am buying a new car. My usage would be around 1500 km in city 750km in highway and 100km in village roads(bad roads) monthly. I'm thinking of i10 nios or ford figo or ford freestyle or altroz. Also is there any other difference other than ground clearance in lower models of figo and freestyle. Is nios a safe vehicle?Is ground clearance of 165mm on nios and altroz enough for bad roads? Please suggest with variant details. Or should I wait for new i20. Would it be a good option to buy a new car and give it to my parents for a year till I get some confidence and use their etios liva petrol till then. If u suggest used car which car would be better as a second hand option my budget being around 3-4 lakhs. Please pick my question. Thanks in advance

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Syed Yaseen
2020-09-28 22:28:07

Freestyle is best for you go for diesel in it low maintenance good mileage and best for your usage in bad roads

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