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First Car in the Family

by Dharam - 2020-09-29 05:50:23

We are planning to buy our first Car. Budget is 8-9 lakhs on road. Parents are 60+ so the car needs to be comfortable and safe. Annual running would be less than 10k. Will mostly be used for travelling to hometown which is around 350 km. Will be driving at avg speed of 60-70 kmph and at max 90-100. Initially planned for i20, but since new model might be coming so dropped that plan. Baleno looks good but the build quality is a huge let down. Thought of Nexon XM but not sure about their after sale service. Someone suggested Grand i10 NIOS, but that has ground clearance of 165mm. Is it sufficient for Indian roads? Also since this will be our first car, we don't know how to drive yet. Went to driving school a few times but not confident as of now.

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