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by Ashish - 2020-09-30 11:07:24

Hello Rahul Bhai, Ravi Bhai. first of all thank you for the content you are providing in your youtube channels. It is very helpful for a person like me, who is planning to buy his first car. I have decided to buy Nexon XZ+ but I am confused regarding the insurance. I have following queries: 1) what is the difference between first party and third party insurance 2) why companies are giving only 1 year first party but 2 or 3 years third party insurance. 3) what all kind of additional insurance package (zero dep, etc) you can suggest for a first timer like me . I hope one day I can also visit Delhi with my car to share my experience as well. Thank you

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2020-09-30 12:42:51

Sorry Rohit bhai. naam galat likh dia.

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