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Second hand or new car

by Arpan Bhattacharjee - 2020-10-01 06:43:21

Hello Sir's . I'm big fan of yours. I love the way you give genuine comments which helps the consumer to take a better decision. I have two questions. 1. I would like to buy a car within 7-7.5 lakhs(on road). Kindly suggest me a car. I'm 6'2 inches tall, so I do not fit in small cars like Alto, Redigo, etc. I thought of buying Altroz but worried about the service(as you covered in many of your videos). 2. I stay in Hyderabad but my hometown is Kolkata so I'm also thinking if I can buy a second hand car within 6 lakhs and therefore would like to ask you if I buy a car from my hometown ,where the car will be registered in my name what other costs do I need to bear if I take it to Hyderabad. Also what if I buy a new car from Kolkata as Road tax in Hyderabad is around 20k costlier than kolkata(Telengana vs Westbengal) Kindly guide me as I 'm planning to buy a car in Diwali. Note:- My weekly driving wouldn't be beyond 60km, so thinking of petrol. Do need basic features like power windows and good music system and definitely safety first.

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