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SUV or Sedan

by Vishal k - 2020-10-01 07:52:09

I am planning to buy a Car lekin question is Sedan or SUV. Apart from Looks and personal appeal Technically kya consider karna chahiye between sedan and suv. for example SUV ka ground clearance jyada milega compared to Sedan while Sedan gives more boot space sometimes. Planning to buy a car within a Budget of 10 - 12 lakhs. Mostly would be Highways as I will be traveling to my hometown from Bangalore which is 800 KM's yearly 4 - 5 times with Family and baggage loading. I have 3 options which I got from a website. Xuv300 W8 petrol --- 2019 --- 19K run 9.5 lakhs Verna SX 1.6 Petrol --- 2019 --- 10k run 9.5 lakhs Toyota Altis Petrol ---- 2016 --- 50k run 10.5 lakhs comfort is important while Features and Mileage or not that important, reliable, and peace of mind is what I need.

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