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Want to buy a new car

by Vedant banaitkar - 2020-10-01 08:15:16

Hello team man and motor! I am a satisfied owner of my Hyundai mantri ding 2009 model which has recently clocked 100k kms. This only issue I have with this car is rattling issue and bumpy ride quality and also it is not stable at speed above 80. The car is driven mostly by my father. I explained the rattling issue to the service technician lots of time but still he is not able to solve it. Please tell me the solution My next question is we are planning to buy a new car in a matter of year or two. My family members like creta but it is longer than 4m and we don't have this much parking area and it will be a hassle to drive it around tight spaces. My father's monthly running is just 700 to 800 km. We want a spacious, comfortable, safe, and decent features(height adjustment for driver seat compulsory and no nonsense feature) plz suggest me a car . My budget is 10 to 11 and half lakh And what will be resale value of my santro and should we sell it at that price plz ans

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