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Current car I20 Active, next car Aspire or Glanza ??

by Uday Nair - 2020-10-01 09:37:29

First of all, to give you a background... Currently I have a I20 active S petrol variant 2017 March model (purchased for 9.5 lac on road from Bangalore with 3 yrs extended warranty). As if now, completed 42.5k kms (4th paid service costed 13k at Pune, tat included brake disc wiping, wheel balancing, alignment, rotation, brake caliper cleaning, interior seats foam cleaning,vaccuming, ac disinfectant, ac valve reset, chipped timing belt replacement). Now after 3.5 yrs of car ownership, I feel Hyundai i20 active has been costly to maintain though there has been no fault or repairs apart from regular servicing. Car has been mechanically, electronically, electrically build quality is far better than Maruti. I am getting a city mileage of 12-13 kmpl & on highway 16.6 to 18.6 kmpl (if driven upto 110 kph speeds). I have measured using OBD Port 2. there is no mileage guage in MID for 2017 March model. Below are my questions.. 1) Avg & Trip Mileage Readings shown by OBD Port 2, can be considered correct/accurate ? 2) Am I charged too much for 4th paid service ? the car manual says 4th is a major service and estimate cost is 6.5k including tax n labour charges 3) my first car was Chevy Beat used to cost me 10k per paid service. I sold it after 5 yrs, i20 Active is my 2nd car... should i continue driving it till 5 yrs ? Or think about selling it ? 4) Is Ford Aspire Diesel titanium a good upgrade to i20 Active petrol, my requirement is spacious rear leg room ( i am 6.1) and family members are of max 5.5 height. Easy ingress n egress good ground clearance, possibly low blind spots/not so thick A pillar, modern Necessary features (similar to existing car or like aspire titanium/Glanza g), good mileage, good power, safety & cheap service. Our driving is on highway (70% = 40% straight roads & 30% steep hills n winding ghat sections ) and city (30%). Glanza G hybrid is also in my mind but outer build quality is a big concern (feels paper light, lack of confidence on high speed, cornering, braking) have driven friend's Baleno. My daily city running is 50 kms but every month we go on a short round trip 500 kms near bangalore and every alternate month we visit Kerala ( 1008 kms round trip). My budget is 10.5 lacs. Please suggest what else would suit my requirement and also advice if I can choose from the shortlisted cars.

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