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extended warranty not given even after payment

by Ritesh - 2020-10-01 18:08:08

Maine 2017-Aug mein Grand I10 Asta lia tha for 7.05l (hyderabad) . on paper its price was 7.50(with extended warranty) and I got 45K discount. maine 3rd sept ka delivery date dia tha as it was my sis birthday par sales executive nein call kar k aug 30 ko hiin lene bola as they had monthly closing . maine 28th aug ko hiin car check kar lia tha means initial inspection like car is nt accidental/odometer reading and all so on their req I accepted their delivery date. On 30th Aug, after ofc at around 5PM i went to the shop , checked the vehicle and accepted delivery. Sales person was a lady , all the formalities were done and at 7 she told me she has to leave. So some other sales person took the charge , and delivery was done . that day i had checked whole vehicle again , invoice and other paper, accessories but i missed warranty paper because i didnt knew that in case of extended warranty certificate is issued for additional yrs . I came to know abt this during my 2nd servicing which was 1yr after delivery. After knowing this I went to the dealership but that lady had already resigned and left the dealership . I showed the papers to the accounts department and they asked me to wait for some day , they will check with their main branch and get back to me . but no once called . visited branch 3-4 times after that and same thing happened . Once they told me ur extended waranty amount is part of 45K discount but I clearly told them without discount I was getting this car for 7L , i had asked for E-Warranty and paid 7.05. Now after 3 yrs shall I followup with them ? even the extended warranty period is over (if it was given).

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