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Need help regarding car service

by Gairik Roy - 2020-10-01 20:27:51

Hello Sir, Hope you are well. I love the videos you upload they are super informative and really helpful. I need some help regarding my first car which we recently bought. Let me explain We booked the maruti dzire bs6 on the month of February 2020. But due to lockdown the delivery got delayed. They delivered the car on July 2020. Now the service centre people are calling me asking for my second service which is due (according to delivery) in the month of January 2021. They are threatening that they will refuse to do the free service if I do not service the car within October. Also, the warranty will be cancelled if I do so. Now I have contacted the dealership and they have given me a number of customer service manager. She suggested that I do the service within October and they will issue a letter for the same service on January. Now I’m confused what to do. This is my first car and I have no idea what to do. Please help!

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