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Want a good car in 5 6 lakhs

by Jayesh ashok khuntale - 2020-10-02 08:31:25

Hello sir I'm watching your videos on YouTube from long time You're best duo on social platform I m proprietor of general store I'm looking for car which can be utilized in both for family and to also to carry some business lagage(bangles and stionery) in once a week so I need more boot and back space My budget is near 5 to 6 lakh Monthly running will be 1k So please suggests me good car I have seen eco and triber But I don't want eco because of safety And about triber because of engine and build quality Should I go with second hand ertiga Or any other advise Thank you

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2020-10-02 09:53:39

Yes you can go with second hand Ertiga, that would be fine.

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