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Opinion Needed for purchasing new car

by chetan tagad - 2020-10-02 17:36:58

Facts :- I own a Logan1.4 glx petrol since 2009 had completed 75000 km now. I am quite satisfied about its performance, maintenance cost & mileage .. logan gives me 17-19 kmpl averagely in my driving style ... Question :- Now i am thinking about Bolero2020 model ... i am tracking bolero since long time bolero storm was my favorite but its no longer available ... i need your opinion about Mileage maintenance & performance of this new 2020 model of Bolero .. i wish to know real life figures ..... also i want to know what driving techniques should i follow as i am moving to diesel engine from petrol ... so that good mileage numbers can be obtained from Bolero2020 . ( what care i should take while driving diesel car because till today i driven petrol car only )

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