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Very confused in the compact SUV market - Nexon Immobilizer defect impact

by Tejas - 2020-10-02 19:45:34

Dear Ravi and Rohit, Glad to see all your videos, huge fan and your subscriber. I am in a confused state. I have booked Nexon XMA diesel BS6 model. I have to make complete payment in 2 days so as to get the delivery in Navratri. Recently, I came across a video of another youtuber sharing his ordeal of buying a Tata Nexon XMA and facing after sales service issue during lockdown, in the video the vlogger said that he is pissed off due to engine immobilzer defect where while driving the engine shuts down and gears won't change automatically suddenly. I wanted to know your expert opinion if it is really a concern? Shall I go ahead and buy Nexon or I may consider some other brand? Due to this ambiguity, I have test driven Brezza BS6 Automatic VXI, Venue S 1.0 DCT Petrol and Sonet DCT Petrol....out of all this, I am not able to decide any because heart still loves Nexon while mind points elsewhere due to that video I saw on youtube. Brezza I didn't like coz of its outdated gearbox and interiors, Sonet is quite expensive, goes out of my budget. Venue I like it but its not so spacious. My requirement - 50 km per day running, 3 trips of 1k Km each year, will be driven by my wife, me and my father. 4 family members will be using it. I want good quality, ground clearance as in Mumbai roads demands offroading almost half the year. decent mileage of 10 - 13 kmpl in city bumper to bumper traffic conditions. Please help me out here. Suggest me the good car which I can go ahead with? and please help me on Nexon Immobilizer defect. Thanks in advance. Regards, Tejas

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