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Want to upgrade from a Hatchback to a SUV

by Abhijeet Patil - 2020-10-03 07:42:07

Hello Sirs, I am currently driving a Ritz Petrol top model for almost 10 years now, this is a fabulous car & probably the most practical car in the hatchback segment i believe. Although i have driven more than 1.26 lakh kms, i dont wish to sell it as its still going strong & is very practical for Mumbai traffic (You must do an ownership reveiw of this car for sure). I am now looking to buy a preowned SUV/ Mini SUV & have set my eyes on the Mitsubishi Outlander 2010-11 model (Petrol). I have seen a few available online & the price is between 4 to 5 lakhs & have driven 95,000 + kms. My question is, will it be a good choice & is it wise to buy a SUV which has almost driven for 1,00,00 or more kms already. I will be using this car mainly for weekend drives outside the city & sometimes for work in Mumbai city as well. I have seen many reviews of the car on youtube including Rohit Sir's Video of Outlander 2009 model & everyone has praised this vehicle though its very simple & not flashy like other Korean cars. I like Japanese cars myself & all the positive reviews have made me more confident of this choice. But its always good to ask the automobile experts like you who will give me the right guidance. You guys are awesome !! I shall look forward for your reply. I had posted this on the regular Q&A beforenas well last week but since it didn't feature in your today's video, i thought of availing this premium service, but the payment feature is not working, have been trying continuously for last 3 days, so posting my query here again. Hope it gets answered this time.

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