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Review of innova crysta 2.4 vx

by Anany pratap singh - 2020-10-03 13:32:14

Sir my family is planning to buy toyota innova crysta sir i want to know your opinion about it .... sir can you please make the video on innova crysta 2.4 vx or gx version if it will vx than i can easily understand all the electric quality of the car and also i will get to know about the tray which is behind the driver and co driver seat.. because many people were saying that the tray become loose after some time so sir it is a request from my side that please make a full detailed review on innova crysta 2.4 vx bs6 or bs4... sir also tell how this 2.4 bs6 engine is in terms of performance,cabin knoise,average and comfort level ...of the car ...sir plse make a video on it.......and sir i love your videos on youtube bcoze you both tells the reality and sir like this only make a video on my topic also thankyou sir ravi sir and rohit sir ...... your friendship stays forever!!!!!...

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