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Compact Sedan Aura S AMT vs Tigor XZA+ (Automatic)

by Afzal - 2020-10-04 04:06:50

Really appreciate good work by both of you. I’m on strict budget of 8 lakh (+40k) and planning to buy a compact sedan petrol automatic or any other automatic compact SUV (automatic is must). We’re family of 4 adults (under 6 feet) and have requirements of City+Highway drive - most time my mom (first car experience) will drive in Ghaziabad NCR and I may take trips on highways yearly once or twice to my hometown (900+ km from Ghaziabad). My preference is in following orders - Safety is top most, Car & Engine Stability, Fuel Efficiency is 3rd but important too, Service Cost & Experience, Drive Comfort, Looks, Accessories. I’m confused because of the Aura AC issues and Safety compare to Tigor whereas Tigor’s vibration and cabin noise due 3 cylinder engine. This car will be for a longterm for us probably for 10 years if it supports. I also want your suggestions whether to buy the car from my hometown (Ballia-UP) or Ghaziabad/Noida the car will mostly remain n be driven in Ghaziabad n NCR but as I said, will be doing 1 or 2 trips to hometown Ballia which has rural roads. No Maruti please.

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