What to do?

by Aryan Shrivastava - 2020-10-04 16:07:27

I have dzire 2019 model i have no problem with it in any field my running is also very less driven only 6000 km in 1.5 years i know that the built quality is not up to the mark but i am happy with the car. But now a days always people are talking about the built quality of maruti and keepon criticising the car. Now i am fed up to my extreme level of listening so i am thinking of selling my car and go for other car but it will cost me some great amount of loss so what should i do plz answer my question. Thank you

1 Answers

Gaurav Dabas
2020-10-04 20:35:54

HI Aryan.. Duniya ka kaam h bolna..bolne do..enjoy ur life in ur new car. Drive it within limits...then nothing is bad in that car..and if u hit 5 star safety rating car will also get fully damaged. Dun worry abt ppl..jus enjoy... Its best selling car for some reasons. Drive safely..wear seatbelt.. Nvr try to check d limits of that engine..otherwise..u will be in problem.. Thanks

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