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Confused between nexon xm and brezza vxi

by Akshat Jain - 2020-10-06 18:51:42

After applying all the festive discounts and offers and giving my old car in exchange Nexon xm cost me around 8 lakhs and brezza vxi around 8.15 to 8.20 lakhs Nexon xm has 5 star safety rating , slightly powerful engine, better seating comfort, better build Whereas brezza has 4 star rating , refined and silent engine(but less powerful) Also with brezza i am getting useful additional features like push button start , automatic climate control , rear defogger , steering controls , dual projector headlamp with led which i am not getting in nexon. Car is for family use and mostly city drive and occasional highway rides. Confused in Which one to consider also is it worth spending 15 to 20k more on brezza for these features. Please reply

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Ritun Chakraborty
2020-10-07 00:09:13

Brezza is good for city driving and mileage. Nexon is good for highways.

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