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2nd hand Car in next week.

by Dr Manu - 2020-10-08 22:35:25

Hello Ravi, Rohit bhai. I've been following you both on youtube since many years now. After your approval I've advised family to buy w8 XUV300 on coming diwali. :) Q- A 2nd hand car is needed in family for sister, 1.5 -2.5L budget in coming week only. Options are Chevrolet beat 2012 45k run at 1.5L. Or 2-3 models of i10 2014/15 at 2.5-3L with avg 55k run. Which among these is a better options. ? Running will be in Delhi only, main concern is LOW maintenance and easy to go small ride. Mileage is not an issue as planned to get CNG fit in them later. Take care and be safe.

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