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Grand i10 vs creta vs WR V vs Ecosport

by Sachi Bang - 2020-10-09 01:03:31

We r confused between buying an SUV or a Hatchback. First time buyer. We r 2 ppl, husband and wife, both are heavy built, with a baby on the way. We both will be driving the car. So, our requirements are: Good Space and preferably high ground clearance! Apart from that, good safety rating, a rooftop, low-moderate maintenance cost, good mileage, for driving both in the city and on highway. We take an outside trip once in 3 months and we enjoy driving ( not speedwise but smoothness wise) so focus is on smooth pickup and smooth running. Our budget is 9 lacs +- 3. We tried Heundai grand i10 nios and liked it overall. However it feels compact, like santro (which we don't like). We also tested Honda WR V and loved it, but heard that it has bad post-sale reviews. Can you clear up on that? We tried Tata Altroz but it's not very smooth to drive. We don't want to go for Maruti cars. Can you suggest what cars Fit under these specs? Also, how is ford ecosport? We have been considering that as well. Also which is preferable, manual or automatic? Do automatic cars face any problems after few years? Also, any other suggestions for cars from other companies are welcome.

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