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Upgrade to New Car or not?

by Rahul Kaushik - 2020-10-09 10:34:42

EcoSport Top Model vs XUV300 Top Model Petrol vs Diesel Daily run 28-30 km, but will be going on tours once every 2-3 months after getting one of these. Priority list : Safety : I occasionally drive fast otherwise stay in limit, but you cannot trust others on the road, right? Comfort : For long road trips. Fun to drive : both city and touring I presently have a Swift ZXI 2017 - 42k kms, should i sell it? Has CNG installed. How much will i get for it if I decide to sell. There is always a rattling sound coming from dashboard(not sure though) but the sound is there, been to 3 different maruti service centers, they all say that it is there even in new maruti cars, and can’t be fixed. Is it true? They suggest me not to ask them to open the dashboard and fix it as once opened it’ll loosen up more and will produce more sound then what it is doing now, what should i do? And in the end, should i even upgrade to either one of those, or is my swift is good enough? Mine is the Gen 2 Swift ZXI. Also, should I take out the CNG kit? it has taken up all the boot space and touring this way makes it difficult, putting all the luggage in the back seat doesn’t feel safe at all as well. I got it installed because at that time my daily running was 125+kms but now as I told above it’s just 25-30 max. If you suggest not buying/upgrading to the new ones, then will removing the CNG kit affect the car's (Swift) engine as it has been running on CNG for some time now.

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