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Need a opinion on Vitara Brezza 2020 model.

by Rohit Kamble - 2020-10-09 11:44:24

Hi Rohit Bahi and Ravi Bhai, I am also Rohit and staying in Hyderabad(Telangana). I wanted to buy new car mostly in Compact SUV segment. I started seeing reviews and came to conclusion that "Tata Nexon" is a perfect value for money car in compact SUV segment. When my own brother asked me suggestion for car, I told him the same and he bought "Tata Nexon" before me. Now I don't wanted to buy "Tata Nexon" because we don't want two "Tata Nexon" in same family. Recently I came across "Vitara Brezza" 2015 Model through one of my friend. I took test drive of Brezza 2020 model and as I am not an aggressive driver I felt car was good. New Brezza 2020 is spacious ,little refined engine and safety of 4 Star (From GNCAP). But while I am checking reviews online, I am not getting good respond about Brezza. Funny thing when they do comparison videos between compact SUV segment cars, they will not even consider Brezza. We also have Maruti Swift which bought on 2011, so I kind of have Maruti trust. So Should I go with Brezza or select something else ? My requirement is compact SUV(Except Nexon), mostly driving on highways, Cars will not travel more than 10,000KM in year, should be spacious and with good ground clearance under a budget of 9-10Lac. Thanks, Rohit

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