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Advise to buy new car.

by BHANU PRATAP SINGH - 2020-10-09 17:12:33

I am following both of you on you tube from last three months since I thought of bying a new car My monthly running is 1300 km. My budget is 12 to 15 lakhs little bit here and there. Looking for Midsize SUV or Sedan. SUV preferred. Mostly city running plus and occasionally highway running plus there may be trips to hilly areas. Safety and reliability is concern. Right now driving swift diesel. Should I go for automatic as currently I am 48 year old and will get older by the time. Right now fully fit and does not feel the requirement of automatic. Once thought of S-cross as it is cheap as compared to Creta and Seltos. Thought about Certa Sx too as it has almost all safety features but apprehensive about it because of its panoramic sunroof. I feel that its panoramic sunroof may compromise the safety in case of body roll. In Seltos HTX there are cosmetic changes but no additional safety features Because of these things in Creta or Seltos I feels that base model of Creta or Seltos will be a value deal. I can wait may be six month or a year also if you say so for any upcoming car. Also Suggest petro or diesel.

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Joe Alfred
2020-10-09 20:37:01

How about Tata harrier? Better than creta and seltos

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