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Baleno steering issue 2019 model

by Prashant Mishra - 2020-10-09 18:47:28

Hello Sir, I wanted to ask about Baleno steering. I have 2019 january registered baleno zeta(not facelift) and this is my first car so not driven other cars. What I see is that steering does not recenter after U turn but as per the service center people at speed above 20-25km it gets recenter. I went to service station and tried some other baleno car even they had the same problem. Also as per mechanics, if it is not hydraulic it is electric steering . so it will not recenter like other cars My question is : Do all baleno car have the same problem? I do not know if this is the problem or not as this is my first car. I don't know how to approach ahead. Please help. Big fan of both of you.

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