Home Questions Big confusion please reply !!!

Big confusion please reply !!!

by Viraj - 2020-09-19 06:54:50

Hello sir I am flying officer Viraj . Sir In my family I am single and parents. Sir my father owns dzire vdi2018 model. sir I came to home from September to November and all time I was in Amritsar air base. Sir my running all year will be less than 9000 within that 2 months. I want car not for any need But for driving for 2 months when I come to my home . Budget from 11lakhs to 25 lakhs. I want fun to drive , comfort,etc. Means all the features. as my running will be less so I will go on petrol or electric vehicle. I have highlighted some cars Nexon both even and top xza, creta as, jeeptrailhawk, SUV 500, Kia seltos GT, harrier and for electric my personal favourite Kona and Nexon ev.

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2020-09-19 08:03:11

If milage is not a concern and you want a fun to drive car with a rock solid stability just hands down go for Jeep compass, but trailhawk variant is not available in petrol hence you can go gor limited plus petrol which will cost u around 24 lacs

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