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Should I go for a second hand car?

by Jinshuman Baruah - 2020-10-10 00:58:52

Hello, Rohit and Ravi. My budget is 5 lakh. I wanna go for a second hand car. Which I think it would be a wise decision. So my requirements are good build quality, driving pleasure, good space, comfortable. We have 4 adults in our family. I would prefer sedan and also hatchback. I don't think I have a requirement of a compact SUV. My daily running is very less. Hardly in a month I would drive around 300kms. And in a year 1 to 2 times it would go on a highway. So I don't have a requirement of a mileage machine. And also I don't have a tension of high maintenance. Please suggest me a second hand hatchback or a sedan to buy in a budget of 5 lakh. Please don't suggest MS cars and also tata due to its poor service in our city. My choices are Hyundai verna, honda city, Hyundai i20. You can suggest other cars also. Thank you

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