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Help regarding new car purchase

by Anmol Sharma - 2020-10-10 01:13:36

Hello sir, my name is Anmol Sharma and I am going to buy my first car. Mostly, I will drive car in city (delhi) but make two-three trips to hill stations and other cities per month as well. My budget is 6L-8L and I want a car with good build quality. I have undertaken few options: 1.tiago 2.freestyle/figo 3.tigor 4.nexon(base) I like Tiago because it is very convenient to ride small car in city and I also like looks of new tigor. Can I take Tiago to hill stations? Among all these cars, which car should I buy? I am very confused, please help! Also, if I purchase freestyle (titanium), so should I consider Nexon over freestyle? I like Nexon because it has turbo petrol engine with most safety features and 6 speed gearbox. Would it be worthy over freestyle? (I can compromise with music system and other features) Also, is the mileage of freestyle more than Nexon? Please reply to this question, thank you so much!

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